Five police vans arrive near Kyrgyz Embassy in Moscow after a call for rally spreads online

The Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Moscow has commented on why 5 Russian riot police vans were near the Embassy on December 9.

Embassy press secretary Gulbarchyn Bayimbetova said the riot police reacted to a message spread on the social networks calling for a rally in front of the Embassy.

“Embassy did not call the riot police in,” she said. “It arrived at the Embassy on security purposes after the message was read by over 85,000 users,” she said.

She said there was no rally, but a meeting attended by about 50 Kyrgyz labor migrants.

“Embassy workers and Kyrgyz citizens who showed up at the meeting discussed a number of problems migrants face such as registration of migrants, problems with employers. Our citizens are also concerned over ongoing raid “migrant” in Moscow, they are fearing deportation,” Bayimbetova commented.

“Kyrgyz diaspora representatives together with the Embassy staff have written a letter to the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan requesting to prohibit Kyrgyz girls younger than 23 years old to leave Kyrgyzstan for a work abroad,” she said.

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