New President of Uzbekistan announces comprehensive performs in public sector, health care and law enforcement  


President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, first as a head of State from September 2nd till December 14th 2016 and thereafter as an officially elected President of Uzbekistan, had initiated number of major reforms in the spheres of public management, economy, investments, law enforcements, health care and some others.

One of the innovations that have been introduced by Mr. Mirziyoyev is establishment of «virtual public reception-rooms». Starting from 2017 the system will be introduced, according to which, the governors and mayors of all levels, branches of prosecutor’s office, home ministry and other agencies will have to answer to request of the people.

There will also be established the «virtual public reception-rooms» in each and every district and city.

Mr. Mirziyoyev adopted decrees in strengthening authority of courts, currency liberalization, spheres of agriculture and entrepreneurship. All of them are highly welcomed by International financial institutions, investors and foreign governments.

At the meeting with the several hundred government employs, members of Parliament, functionaries of the Ministry of health, rectors of medical higher educational institutions and healthcare professionals, held on January 5th 2017, Mr. Mirziyoyev said that healthcare reforms are one of the main areas of state policy. A particular attention is paid in our country to further improving the healthcare system, stimulating the work of medical workers, wide introduction of modern technologies and treatment methods.

New leader of Uzbekistan specially stressed that in 2016, announced as the Year of healthy mother and a child, loans and grant funds in the amount of 80 million US dollars were directed towards equipping the country’s health institutions with modern diagnostic and medical equipment, women of childbearing age and children underwent medical examinations and health recreation. Over 350 children with hearing problems were conducted a cochlear implant surgery at the republican specialized scientific and practical medical centre of paediatrics. 700,000 children were vaccinated against pneumococcal disease and other infectious diseases.

But life is constantly changing, the demands of people are increasing. The medical culture of the people, their demand for medical services with up-to-date methods is rising. Gone are the days when people were content with only what is available. This, along with all spheres, also directly applies to medicine, the President of our country said. Therefore, professionals in the field have to learn the most advanced, modern achievements of world medicine, methods of treatments. Complacency is a serious obstacle to further development.

As we know the year 2017 in Uzbekistan was announced as the Year of Dialogue with the people and human interests has a deep meaning. Human interests include health issues, the availability of full access to modern health services.

By the Presidential decrees number of important decisions were taken to improvement of health care system, especially in rural areas. On October 31st 2016 President of Uzbekistan adopted decree Uzbekistan «On measures to further improve the provision of population with medications and medical products».

On January 5th 2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a law «On establishing Day of workers of attorneys’ offices of Uzbekistan» on 19 December 2016. According to the law, day of workers of prosecution bodies will be observed in Uzbekistan on 8 January.

Uzbek Head underlined that Uzbekistan observes the Day of workers of attorneys’ offices for the first time. He congratulated workers of the attorneys’ offices of Uzbekistan with their holiday and wished strong health, peace, success in their work.

President underlined that workers of attorneys’ offices have responsible task, which require dedication and objectivity and should play an important role in further strengthening of justice in society.

He said that human fate is behind of each decision. Adoption of well-considered and balanced decisions should be the main criterion for the activities of attorneys.

It was noted that attorneys’ offices play an important role in strengthening legislation and their execution, improving legal awareness of population, forming democratic legal state, supporting development of private property and entrepreneurship, their interests.

According to the Head of Uzbekistan, law enforcement agencies should faithfully implement Presidential decree «On additional measures on ensuring rapid development of entrepreneurship activities, all-round protection of private property and the qualitative improvement of the business climate», that was adopted on 5 October 2016. It increases responsibility of the officials for illegal intervention and obstruction to activities of the businesses, as well as unjustified suspension of their activities.

This puts additional responsibilities to the prosecutors over supervision of correct and full execution of the legislative acts and prevention of violations.


Major emphasis put to creating favorable conditions for development of favorable climate in Uzbekistan. Mr. Mirziyoyev said that prosecution bodies should play an important role in further developing entrepreneurship activities. It was underlined that if the entrepreneur is rich, the state will be rich as well. All conditions should be created for businesspeople. Prosecutors should help and support businesses.

2017 was announced as the Year of dialogue with population and human interests and prosecutors should solve important tasks. Mr. Mirziyoyev said that no appeals of the population and businesses should be ignored.

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