People of Uzbekistan celebrates birthday of Islam Karimov, the First President of the Republic


On January 30th, had President Islam Karimov be alive, he would have had turned 79th year old. He is considered in Uzbekistan and abroad as a Founding Father of the country that took leadership in the state and navigated the country trough challenging times of first years of independence to todays’ level and pace of development.

Name of Islam Karimov is associated with the large-scale transformations in the Republic of Uzbekistan: «He was behind the formation of modern Uzbekistan, increasing the country’s prestige on the international arena and the economic prosperity of its people. Thanks to his wise leadership, citizens of Uzbekistan continue to live in peace and stability.

I had many chances to visit Uzbekistan in the past, the last time – as an international observer to Presidential elections in March 2015. I am deeply impressed by transformation, Uzbekistan experienced during the years of independence.

From the first days of Independence of Uzbekistan, the most important task and priority for Islam Karimov was the revival of a great spiritual, cultural and historical heritage of the country, which for centuries was created by great ancestors, such as Imam Bukhari, Al-Biruni, Ibn Sina, Amir Temur, Ulugbek, Babur and many others. Thanks to the reforms of the First President in this area, many important pages in the history of Uzbekistan were rediscovered, and also d spiritual culture, national values and religion was revived, which dramatically changed people’s mentality towards patriotism and national pride.

Under the guidance of Islam Karimov, Uzbekistan demonstrated the successful implementation of large-scale reforms in the education system. Adopted by the First President in 1997 the National Program for personnel training became the base in the development of a new education system, based on the latest achievements, with full respect for the traditions, culture and customs of the Uzbek people.

President Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan had passed away last September 2nd, at age 78th. When he was elected head of independent country, population of Uzbekistan was about 19 mln., today – 32.1 mln.

For a historically short period of time the economy grew by 6 times. The gross domestic product per capita at purchasing power parity for the period increased many fold and now accounts for almost $7000. Even though the country’s population increased by more than 2 times.

According to the rating of the World Economic Forum, Uzbekistan on the basis of development in 2014-2015 and forecast of economic growth for 2016-2017 took place in the top five fastest growing countries in the world. The experts of the Asian Development Bank, based on the rates and potential of economic development of the country expressed confidence that Uzbekistan in 2035 will become a new economic leader in Central Asia.

The country is a linchpin of stability and security in Central Asia, the driver of its economic progress.

Under the wise leadership of Islam Karimov, Uzbekistan has expanded and strengthened international cooperation at regional and global level, and has won credibility on the world stage as a country, which affects peace and stability in Central Asia.

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President Islam Karimov was a great friend of Malaysia. He twice visited our country with state visits, in 1992 and 2005, which laid foundation, elevated to the new levels and outlined prospects for future Malaysia-Uzbekistan cooperation.

I am absolutely sure, that with new president of Uzbekistan, Mr. Shavkat Mirziyoev Malaysia-Uzbekistan cooperation will further be developed and expanded to the benefit and prosperity of two our two friendly nations.

Both our countries has tremendous economic and technological potential to prosper trough cooperation between Uzbekistan and Malaysia and ASEAN region as whole.


President of the “Kirkby International College”, Kuala-Lumpur,

Bismillah Hatun Binti Abdul Kader

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