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Congress is investigating whether the 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan  was a covid-19 superspreader event - Flipboard

Lawmaker says China has been ‘gaslighting’ with help from American media

By Joshua Q. Nelson | Fox News

Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., said on Thursday that lawmakers are urging the Biden administration to investigate the Wuhan Military Games, a potential super-spreader event that took place in October 2019, months before China first reported its coronavirus cases.

A Washington Post columnist reported in an op-ed that more than 9,000 athletes, including 280 athletes and staff from the United States, attended the Wuhan Military World Games. Many of them reported feeling COVID-like symptoms.

Congress calls for probing Wuhan's 2019 military games as COVID-19  'superspreader'

“284 Americans, athletes and staff that participated. There was a total of 9,000 athletes from 100 countries that came to Wuhan in October so this would have been two months before the Chinese government recognized that they had an outbreak,” Gallagher told “Fox & Friends” 

Gallagher said that there were two critical months that could have helped the United States understand the disease and “shut down travel earlier in order to stop the spread and ultimately save potentially millions of lives.”

The New York Post reported, “Many of the athletes said ​Wuhan looked like a ‘ghost town’ in October‚ two months before China reported the first case of coronavirus there.”

“As the coronavirus spread around the world in early 2020, athletes from France, Germany, Italy and Luxembourg claimed they had contracted the deadly disease at the Wuhan games, because of their symptoms and how easily their sickness spread to their loved ones.”

Gallagher wants to know if American athletes were tested for antibodies, and if the virus had spread at the bases when they returned to U.S. soil.

He also wants to know “if the Pentagon shared information with other militaries that took part in the games.”

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After obtaining that information, Gallagher is urging the Pentagon to talk to American athletes that participated in the Wuhan Military Games to procure necessary information related to their medical history, which will help public officials “establish a timeline” on the origin of the coronavirus.

“Establishing a timeline is critical to understanding where this came from and critical to getting past what I believe to be a systematic cover-up by the Chinese Communist Party’s aggressive propaganda campaign designed in part to blame our military, the U.S. Army for spreading this disease,” Gallagher said.

“We can’t accept that the communists are lying to us. They are gaslighting us and they are doing it in many cases with the complicity of the mainstream media and some in our own public health community.

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