Those who claim there is dictatorship or autocracy in Kazakhstan are saying nonsense: Nazarbayev

Those who claim that there is a dictatorship or autocracy in Kazakhstan are saying nonsense and know nothing about the way of life in the country, President Nursultan Nazarbayev told in an interview with the authors of the new documentary.

“Yes, we have a presidential system of ruling. It’s written in our Constitution. But French presidency is more rigid. We have what we have. We get called “dictatorial” country, or moreover “autocratic.” This is nonsense. This is told by those who know nothing of our way of lives, read only on newspapers about us,” said Nazarbayev.

“Therefore, the way we rule today is normal for our country. As soon as we have different conditions, we will shift to another stage,” said Nazarbayev.

The documentary 25KZ Recent History premiered in the Kazakh TV channels, film shows archival fragments of speeches of the President over the years.

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