Three big international trade fairs in Uzbek capital

There is a reason behind choosing a common platform for exhibitions Mining World Uzbekistan (mining), Machinery Central Asia (metallurgy, engineering and machine tool industry) and Trans Uzbekistan (transport and logistics). The joint exposition was a venue for those who need up-date equipment and technological solutions, and who can offer their expertise in these areas.

As noted at the opening of exhibitions, the attainment of the strategic goal to more than double the volume of gross domestic product, and bring the share of industry in the structure of the economy to 40% by 2030, depends on expanded channeling of direct foreign investments in industry, transport and logistics. It is planned to increase 1.5-fold the volume of industrial production in the next five years through the implementation of investment projects.

In the years of independence, Uzbekistan has strengthened its position in the world market as a producer of mineral resources. Today, Uzbekistan ranks the world’s 10th in the reserves of gold, 11thproducer of gold, ranks among the ten leaders in uranium reserves, and the 12th producer of uranium. That is why the exhibitions are seen as a convenient platform to demonstrate practical and scientific achievements in the industry, and as a forum to discuss the relevant issues of development of various sectors. Organized for the eleventh time, the exhibition was attended by world-famous companies.

It was a chance to get an advice from the flagship manufacturers, establish contacts with the leading suppliers of a wide range of products. The participants had a good opportunity to find new technological solutions and design and technical documentation on one platform, contact suppliers of equipment, installation, maintenance and after-sales service, provide their machine tools, equipment and the entire manufactures with spare components.

According to the organizing committee, the exhibitions represented 110 companies and 25 countries mainly from the European and CIS countries. Some companies represented Asian countries.

“Uzbekistan ranks among the dynamically developing countries. Any businessman prefers doing business in a country, which is reigned by peace and stability, which provides a favorable investment climate, and your country is a prime example in this regard,” says the Trade Manager of the Chinese company Hebei Huanqiu Rubber Products Co. Ltd, Nana Je. “Our company ranks among the leading manufacturers of conveyor belts in China. We produce an average of 3,000-5,000 meters daily. Together with Uzbek businessmen we discuss prospects of further development of cooperation in this direction.”

Many newcomers presented their products at the exhibition, including the MSC company – the world’s leader in container shipping and logistics. The Swiss company with a long history and a pool of experience has been engaged in combined transportation of goods by road, rail and sea to any part the world, and its participation in the event suggests the demand for the Uzbek market.

Latvian transport and logistics companies presented the largest exposition. A big delegation of businessmen from Latvia came to establish business contacts and promote their services and equipment in Uzbekistan.

The exposition of the oldest machine-building plant MTZ Transmash, the producer of brake systems for rolling stock, had the most popular stand among the Russian manufacturers. According to the MTZ Transmash representative Vitaly Sidorov, the company intends to expand the portfolio of orders in Uzbekistan in the coming years.

“We are currently planning to supply 15 sets of brake systems for the subway rolling stock. Given the fact that Yunusabad and Sergeli subway lines are currently being built, and it was decided to further develop subway in the Uzbek capital, we believe that the orders will increase,” he said.

The business agenda of the exhibition was also very eventful. Visitors and exhibitors were invited to seminars, conferences, presentations, and study tours to specialized production facilities. The participants also held B2B-meetings.

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