Beatifull Bali and Indonesia Host International Islamic Tourism Festival

The first International Islamic Tourism Festival took place from Dec 2-4 in Batu city, Indonesia’s West Java province with participation of representatives across the world, Indonesia’s ANTARA news agency reports.

The event, held by local authorities, the biggest Islamic organisation in Batu Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aimed to introduce diversity of Islamic culture and art as well as images and tourism potential of Batu.

Culture and tourism exhibitions were also held during the event, reflecting integration trend and cultural diversity of participating countries.

The event is expected to kick-start promotion of Batu and Indonesian culture, said the city governor Eddy Rumpoko, in a bid to build an international culture centre in the city.

He also noted that the diversified Islamic culture is a great tourism potential for Indonesia which houses the largest Muslim population.

Batu is one of leading tourism destinations in Indonesia.

It is well-known for beautiful nature, international-class resorts and interesting attractions such as transportation museums, culture and amusement park.


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