Chinese family forced to move six times because of huge pet pig’s snoring

It has meant the woman’s family from Shenzhen has had move home six times because neighbours have complained about the animal’s snoring, the Southern Metropolis News reported.

The woman who is now in her 20s bought the piglet seven years ago when it weighed only 4kg, the article said.

Its appetite began to increase after a month and it was soon eating everything its owner offered, including snacks, vegetable, drinks and fruit.

 Only after it grew to 20 kg in about six months did the owner realise she had been cheated, but her whole family were reluctant to give the pig up, the report said.

The animal usually sleeps on a mattress in the corner of a bedroom and receives regular showers to remove the bad smell.

“We usually give it two or three showers a week and more in the summer,” the woman’s younger brother was quoted as saying.

Neighbours have kept complaining about the pig’s snoring at night, forcing the family to change apartment six times.

During their latest home removal on Tuesday, they had to hire five people the move the pet, the article said.

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