Elections and youth

A round-table conversation has taken place at the Urganch state university on the subject of “Young people’s participation in elections”. 

The event was attended by specialists of the Khorazm regional territorial department of the independent institute for monitoring civil society formation, the regional justice department and the regional council of the Kamolot public youth movement, professors, teachers and students.

It was noted at the event that all the necessary conditions were being created in the country for young people’s rights and interests to be observed and for them to acquire modern education and thoroughly learn professions and to widely display their potential and talent.

A resolution dated 6 February 2014 of the country’s First President “On additional measures directed towards implementing the state youth policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan” is of important significance to raising the younger generation’s political and law culture, helping them realize their creative and intellectual potential and strengthening young people’s immunity against various ideological threats.

Young people are taking an active part in large-scale reforms aimed at further extending democratic changes and developing the country’s civil society. This is evident in preparatory processes for the 4 December 2016 elections of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

During the event, speeches were heard on the importance of raising young people’s legal political activeness, the role of civil society institutions in electoral processes, the legal basis for holding elections of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and on changes and additions made to the electoral legislation in recent years.

“The practical expression of conditions created for young people in our country can also be seen in the political processes,” says a student of the Urganch state university, Laylo Sultonova.

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