Floods force 10 road closures in Terengganu, Malasia

A resident of Kampung Matang walks in flood water following the rain. -NSTP/Ghazali Kori

By Tasnim Lokman

December 2, 2019 @ 2:01pm

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KUANTAN: Ten major roads in Terengganu were forced to close following floods as of 7am today.

Hulu Terengganu Public Works Department, in a statement, said nine roads were closed to all vehicles types, while Jalan Matang-Nibong Kampung Telemong, was closed to only light vehicles.

Jalan BT 24/Pengkalan Ajal, Pasir Pelata at T113 section 0.0 and 6 was covered in 0.20m to 1.25m-deep water over a 100m path. The road has been closed to all types of vehicles.

Jalan Bukit Diman/Tersat at FT 249 section 8 to 9, also in Pengkalan Ajal is also closed due to 1.8m-deep water covering a stretch of 800m. It is also closed to all types of vehicles.

At Bukit Tadok, Jalan Matang-Nibong Kampung Telemong was immersed in 0.7m of water covering 100m stretch.

However, this road is only closed to light vehicles.


Roads connecting Kampung Matang and Kampung Kepah were closed due to flood. -NSTP/Ghazali Kori

Jalan Tasik Kenyir/Aring was inundated with 0.45m of water over a 250m stretch and has been closed to all types of vehicles.

Jalan Kenyir/Aring, Kampung Pasir Dula-Kampung Basong at FT 36 Section 4.5 to 6.5 has also been closed down to all vehicles after 0.8m water covered a stretch of 2km.

Jalan Utama Felda Mengkawang-Tersat, Kampung Lubuk Periuk at FT 1692 Section 6 to 8 has been closed to all vehicles after being immersed in 1.2m of water over a stretch of 2km.

Also closed to all vehicles is Jalan Spg Guang/Kuala Ping/Spg Sungau Tong at Ft 247 Section 10 in Kampung Matang, Kuala Berang. The road of over 200m was immersed in 0.7m of water.

Meanwhile, Jalan Bukit Perah/Kampung Jak/Kuala Kejir at T180 Section 5 has also been closed after 0.76m water covered 50m. It is now closed to all vehicles.

Jalan SPG Gaung/Kuala Ping/SPG Sungai Tong is also immersed in 0.7m water over 100m stretch and closed to all vehicles.


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