Military Clashes Increase Between Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban) and Pakistan

According to locals, during this period dozens of missiles have been fired by Pakistan, hitting people’s residential houses.

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Residents of Paktia said that there have been clashes between the forces of the Islamic Emirate and Pakistan’s border guards for the past three days.

According to locals, during this period dozens of missiles have been fired by Pakistan, hitting people’s residential houses.

The clashes started in Aryob Zazi district of Paktia and have recently spread to the Dand-e-Patan district.

The Islamic Emirate has not yet officially provided details about these clashes including any casualties resulting from them.

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“It was ten o’clock and the fighting was intense; people with their children went by car towards Samkanai district,” said Amir Khan, another resident of Paktia.

Local residents added that Pakistani forces targeted residential houses, and some families in Dand-e-Patan have been forced to leave their homes.

At the same time with the start of these clashes, the Kharlachi transit route in Dand-e-Patan has also been closed to any traffic.

“We ask them that whenever you commit a violation, you must not target the general public with artillery. The laws of war must be observed here,” said Mohammad Anwar Sediqi, a resident of Aryob Zazi.

“No one could handle their sorrow [about the situation]. The fierce fighting continued, and there were children and women on every side,” said Sayedullah, a driver in Paktia.

Military analysts said that border clashes darken the relations between the two countries and that professional individuals should be deployed at the border line.

Still crazy after all these years

“The solution is to deploy responsible and professional individuals at the borders to prevent such unnecessary conflicts,” said Sarwar Niazi, a military analyst.
Some Pakistani media outlets reported that in these clashes, one soldier from that country has died and four others have been wounded.

At the same time, a source told TOLOnews that five forces of the Islamic Emirate have also been injured in these clashes.

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