Early voting for presidential elections starts in Uzbekistan

Early voting in the framework of presidential elections scheduled for December 4 has started today across the country.

In accordance with the law “On elections of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, the voter, who has no opportunity to be at the place of residence on election day, has the right to vote early. Early voting begins ten days before and ends one day before the elections.

Early voting is performed using ballot sheets. In order to make the early voting, a voter on the basis of the application, stating the reasons for the absence on election day (holidays, business trip, travel abroad, etc.), have to receive the ballot sheet from the precinct election commission at the place of residence. In the presence of at least two members of the precinct election commission, the voter signs the receipt of the ballot sheet.

The ballot sheet is filled in by the voter in a specially equipped cabin or room for secret voting. As the ballot sheet is filled out by the voter, he leaves it in a sealed envelope at the precinct election commission. Two members of the precinct election commission put their signature in the place of gluing, which is also confirmed by the Commission seal and signature of the voter. These envelopes are stored until the elections at the polling station and are dropped into the ballot box on election day in the prescribed manner.

Early voting ends on 2 Dec.

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