News Shakedown leads to eight more arrests

KUALA LUMPUR, May 17 — Eight corrupt policemen were taken into custody yesterday in separate raids in the Klang Valley, further reaffirming the force’s top brass zeal to rid black sheep from within the ranks.

An ongoing swoop by Federal police’s Internal Affairs Department led to the arrests, bringing to 24 the number of cops in custody for being in cahoots with drug trafficking syndicates.

The swoop went operational hours after Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Noor Rashid Ibrahim announced on Monday that more arrests were imminent.

“Yes, we have picked eight more men… including an officer,” Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said.

Several more were expected to be taken into custody today.

Exasperated with the behaviour of such men serving within the ranks, Khalid said these men have tarnished the image of the force.

“The Integrity and Standard Compliance Department is still carrying out investigations,” Khalid affirmed without wishing to further comment on the ongoing shakedown.

“These men have brought disrepute to the thousands of hardworking loyal members of the force who serve beyond the call of duty with honour and dignity.

“This rogue behaviour is something I will not tolerate.

“They took an oath, entrusted to serve and protect, and greed lured these men to serve and protect the wrong kind.”

Khalid warned those deemed the black sheep donning police uniforms that it would be a matter of time before cuffs were placed on them.

“You know who you are … so better turn surrender.”

On Monday, 16 policemen were picked up following a crackdown on organised crime syndicates and triads. Noor Rashid had then said the dirty cops leaked out information on raids and were paid for their tip-offs.

Checks revealed the drug syndicate was based in Kuala Lumpur with a nationwide distribution network and investigators were not ruling out the possibility the corrupt policemen had spread their tentacles far and wide nationwide.

The underworld had drew much media attention following numerous arrests and seizures carried out nationwide.

This year alone, four individuals with “Datuk” titles and a “Datuk Seri” were among more than 50 hard-core gangsters detained in what was the biggest crackdown on organised crime.

Three with honorific titles and 30 others were linked to the notorious Gang 360 Devan, a splinter of Gang 36 who were noted for their armed robberies, extortions, drug trafficking and kidnappings.

The “Datuk Seri” was the leader of the Penang-based Gang 24.

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