President of Kazakhstan comments on suggestion to rename Astana after him

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev has commented on the initiative of the MPs to rename the Kazakh capital Astana after him.

The Parliament houses on November 23 adopted the Declaration on the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence, which suggested renaming the capital city after either “Nursultan” or “Nazarbayev.” The document was read out by the Mazhilis (lower house) member Kuanysh Sultanov.

“They are putting “Nur” and “Nurly” on whatever they come up with. And it all associates with my personality. I’ve been raising this issue many times. Perhaps, one might think that it’s me giving commands to name everything “Nurly.” Yesterday, the parliament suggested to rename the capital after me. I’ve never ordered anything like this,” Nazarbayev said on November 24.

Anyway, Nazarbayev thanked the MPs for yesterday’s declaration, saying he appreciates it.

Parliament is an independent body, its members have the right to express their opinions freely, he said.

“Any question, especially the renaming of cities, settlements and so on, will be addressed very carefully,” he added.

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