UNESCO to protect ancient Lake Khuvsgul – “Mother Ocean” in Mongolia

Mongolia applies for UNESCO to protect ancient Lake Khuvsgul

Photo: The Great Mongolian Adventures

 Several NGOs working within Mongolia plan on applying for UNESCO world heritage listing for the lake and surrounding wilderness area to protect the natural and cultural heritage of the lake region, echo.net reports.

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Six Northern Rivers artists will travel to Mongolia in July to perform in support of a UNESCO World Heritage application to protect the lake.

Among supporters are musicians and activists from around the world. They will come attend Mongolia’s national Naadam festival to perform, paint, and raise awareness of the dangers that coal mining poses to this sacred lake.

Lake Khuvsgul is one of seventeen ancient lakes on Earth. It is pristine and the most significant drinking water reserve of Mongolia – its water is potable without any treatment,

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Lake Khovsgol is in the far north of Mongolia near the Russian border and holds 70 per cent of the country’s fresh water.

An Australian mining company, Aspire, has agreements with the Mongolian government to mine the area; however, railway lines to transport the ore have not yet been built.

As it’s a landlocked country, Mongolians refer to lake Khovsgol as ‘Mother Ocean’ as a sign of deep respect.

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