Here is Where Every Country Now Stands on a Ceasefire in Gaza: 153 in favor, 10 against

Here is Where Every Country Now Stands on a Ceasefire in Gaza

Moments ago, the United Nations General Assembly voted on a resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Israel and Gaza. This vote at the General Assembly comes after the United States cast a lone veto at the Security Council last week, blocking a ceasefire resolution put forward by the United Arab Emirates.

Unlike the Security Council, no country holds a veto at the General Assembly which includes the entire membership the United Nations — 193 countries in all. Also unlike the Security Council, resolutions adopted by the General Assembly are non-binding and do not carry the force of international law. Still, votes like this are useful barometers of international attitudes and accordingly carry some political weight.

The resolution in question was drafted by Egypt and included about 100 co-sponsors. It was a short and straightforward resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire. Prior to the vote, the United States and Austria sought to include amendments to the resolution that would explicitly condemn the Hamas terror attacks on October 7. Those amendments failed to achieve the requisite two-thirds majority to be included in the final text of the full resolution.

The General Assembly then voted on the original Egyptian resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire. The resolution passed overwhelmingly: 153 in favor, 10 against, with 23 abstentions. Here is the country-by-country break down of that vote.

How does this vote compare to the previous ceasefire resolution at the General Assembly?

The last time the General Assembly considered a resolution calling for a humanitarian truce in Gaza and Israel was on October 26, when the General Assembly voted in favor, 120 to 14 (with 45 abstentions)

As you can see, support for a ceasefire in Israel and Gaza has increased dramatically among UN Member states over the last month. 33 more countries have voted in favor, four fewer countries voted against, and the number of abstentions dropped by half. Several countries in Europe, India and key US allies like South Korea all voted in favor of this ceasefire resolutions after having abstained during the previous vote. It would seem that the longer this conflict persists, the more deeply the United States and Israel are becoming isolated.

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