Map of Houthi’s ship attacks

The Iranian-backed Houthi rebels vowed on Tuesday to defy a U.S.-led naval mission and continue targeting Red Sea shipping off the coast of Yemen in support of Hamas.

Shipping company Maersk stops Red Sea route after 'alarming' repeated  attacks by Yemen Houthi rebels | ITV News

By the numbers: There have been 37 incidents involving shipping vessels from Nov. 19 to Dec. 18, most of which were concentrated near the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, according to Ambrey Analytics, the digital intelligence arm of the Ambrey maritime risk management group.

Context: In response to Israel-Hamas war, the Houthi rebels began attacking merchant ships in the Red Sea near the Suez Canal.

US Warns of Evolving Threats to Ships Sailing in Red Sea

  • The attacks have prompted BP and other companies to halt cargo transits through the region.

Zoom out: The U.S. launched a new global mission this week to defend Red Sea shipping lanes – a key commercial shipping route – from missile and drone attacks by the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

How 20 mile-wide flashpoint stretch of Red Sea worth £1TRILLION dubbed  'Gate of Tears' could bring world trade to a halt | The Sun

  • U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Monday that the recent escalation “threatens the free flow of commerce, endangers innocent mariners, and violates international law.”
  • Roughly 12% of global trade depends on the Suez Canal, which connects the Red and Mediterranean seas and serves as a shortcut for goods to move between Asia and Europe, Axios’ Hope King reports.

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